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Originally Posted by ComfortEagle View Post
*cough* *cough* is only legal if you are just using it to listen to the songs. Not for legal downloading.
Yes, you are correct . However, when you stream music the data packets are still downloaded to your computer in a temp file. If someone was viewing a log file on IP's of people that listen to the song, those log files appear no different than someone that saved it permanently. The content was still moved from point A to point B. For example, you stream a video on the internet. After its complete you can move to any part of the video without buffering. The reason for this is because the video physically exist on your computer after the stream. Same with the music.

Point is, it may not be legal to retain the files. But it is safer than using p2p. There is really no way to be traced using a streaming service like that. Similar to recording off the radio or tv. Someone is already paying the artists and/or studios streaming.royalty fees. So in reality, the artist and RIAA still benefit from people using these services. IMO, thats why there is no fuss about these services. Money is being made! As with p2p, there is no money for them.

Thing with skreemr is it is not a p2p. It just a search engine to find streaming music. The RIAA will have to fight these services by trying to take them down. They can not go after the people here. They will not succeed, their business model is failing. They should have developed a digital music delivery system similar to IPOD along time ago. I know they are tying to now. But places like itunes and rhapsody have the majority of the market.

Now, I am not advocating downloading music illegally here. I allocate 15 dollars a month to my itunes. That gets me 15 new songs a month. Can't beat that! Thats about 180 new songs a year for less than 200 dollars. Nice bargain! Plus I am finding a lot good music from indie bands that distribute their content for free. Skreem is great for finding indie music as well.

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