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The same old arguments again. Volleyball in KY hasn't been killed by the privates. It, in fact, is very much alive and respected nationally. It is not strong in many areas of the state because of people who want to attack successful programs instead of dealing with their own issues. Let's look at the common complaints:

1) Privates don't play by the same rules--yes, they do. Private schools adhere to the same KHSAA rules and regulations that all
members must abide by.

2) Privates recruit players--no, they don't--it's illegal by KHSAA rule. Tell me the last time a private volleyball program was even investigated for illegal recruiting?? Never mind, I'll answer for you--NEVER. They don't have to recruit--the players come to them. Players go to successful schools, because they are successful. Ever hear of the saying "like a moth to a flame"? The brightest lights will attract the most--same with athletes. Very bright students in Louisville go to Manual for their educational programs, because they are perceived to be the best. Same principle works in all areas.

3) Privates aren't restricted geographically, (whatever that means in the current day of open enrollment)--I know for a fact that ALL of the players for Assumption and Mercy this year are from Jefferson County. How is that much different from consolidated public schools out in the state? They get all the students from their county. The privates in Louisville have to share with 21--say it again, 21--other high schools. Henderson County made the state tourney. They are the only high school in their county. They get everyone. They are the largest public school in the state. And if they make it to the final, they will be drilled.

4) Privates have a larger pool of girls to choose from--I call BS on that too. I can name 10 public schools with a larger female enrollment than Assumption. I can list over 60 schools that have more females than Mercy. The other privates are even smaller. Check with the KHSAA if you don't believe it--it's on their website because they track stuff like that. I can also name private schools with enrollments of less than 150 girls who have, and would, run rings around public schools out in the state.

So let's go to solutions:

Kick out the privates and let them have their own tourney. Let me see, I can't compete so I'll force out the good teams so my team can win a worthless title. Sounds great doesn't it? I don't know about you, but I taught my kids to embrace challenges--they make you better.

Let's go to a class system. Ok. I'd be willing to bet that each class would have privates sprinkled throughout that would soon rule the roost anyway. ****, Mercy would probably be 2A. Now you have, let's say 3, classes all won by privates. We can be like Florida with 8 classes---everyone wins a prize!!

One other possible solution--improve your programs so that they CAN compete. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Start club programs in your area. Have coaches who know the game and aren't marking time til softball season.
Volleyball players aren't magically made. They come from long hours and hard work. Until the mindset changes from "let's make it easier for our programs" to "let's make our programs successful", nothing will change.
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