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Originally Posted by PHSForever View Post
“Seems like Orem has buddied up”. Funny. Fact of the matter is, Pike Centrals style of play leads to more fouls or he potential for them, depending on how the refs call it. I didn’t see the alleged over the back you’re speaking of so I can’t really comment on it. But Pike Central has a very good year. Congrats on a great season. But Pikeville has consistently shown over the course of the season to be one of the better teams in the 15th region. Don’t dismiss the whole because you feel like the coach “buddied up” to refs (hint: they ALL try to work refs) when she has shown all season how well she has developed these girls over the past two seasons. Pike Central as a whole really isn’t in a position to accuse or imply cheating right now anyway.
"Pike Central as a whole really isn’t in a position to accuse or imply cheating right now anyway." This quote has absolutely ZERO to do with our girls program if you are talking about what I think you are talking about...On the other hand yes PC had to continue to play aggressive bc that is what they are best at, too small to play a lot of zone. Yes you are correct, PC's style is going to cause some fouls however, they have become really good at disrupting the ball handler without reaching and playing GOOD LEGAL Defense. Pikeville could have done all but hug them down the court without a call. Radio personalities noticed and made several comments about it. At the end of the day the Pikeville Girls did do a good job and didn't stop playing and they hit their free throws which won them the game. If you think that the score is indicative of how "bad" Pikeville won then you're DEAD WRONG!!!

Congrats to the Lady Panthers on their win, the kids played hard! Congrats to PC on an excellent season, on to next year!
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