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Default Have we lost interest in WWE's Pay-Per-Views?
The WWE Network is awesome, the best $9.99 you can spend if you are a professional wrestling fan.

But has the WWE Network made Pay-Per-Views fell less important?

Did paying $49.95 mean we looked more forward to a PPV than we do now?
Now, we get a pre-show, the event and a post-show.... and we can watch the event as soon as it's over as many times as we want.

To me, PPV's now feel like we're watching an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event or Clash of the Champions. Big matches with top talent, but the actual event doesn't feel all the special. We get a few gimmick matches, but nothing over the top like we (I grew up watching the late 80's/to early 2000 wrestling) used to get on PPV's. I guess our brains tricked us all those years expecting wild and over-the-top matches and events cause we were paying to be entertained instead of having instant access to the complete WWE/WCW-NWA/ECW video library.
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