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Default Paintsville 2005
Originally Posted by Superman
I dont have to rethink anything, i stand firm on what I said. After speaking to a defensive coach that has helped shut down Chukes offense on more then one occassion, the stats doesnt persuade me to change my opinion. Stats are not the important issue in a season, its the WINS and LOSSES that a team has. Lets just face the facts, those big stats came against some VERY weak teams. Maybe you should reconsider your post If their offense was as high powered as your saying, then why did they only score 6 points against Grundy, 6 against Johnson Central, and 15 against Pikeville? You said those teams didnt shut down the tigers, then why didnt they put up that many points?
Those teams might have kept them from scoring alot of points, but you gotta look at the fact that those boys have NEVER ran an offense like that. They would have score more points against Grundy and JC had Doderer have not went down with a broken collar bone, Doderer had over 100 yards in the FIRST QUARTER against Grundy before goin down. He didn't even get to play against JC, not saying Paintsville would have beat JC had he been playing because they wouldn't have, but they woulda sure scored more points. Pikeville was just too much to handle for the boys that night, Paintsville's DEFENSE is what killed them in all their games, their defense was horrible. If they knew how to tackle someone they would have beat Pikeville and made the Apple Bowl a MUCH more exciting game. This year will be a whole nother story, last year the Tigers were WEAK, very weak. Not only were they weak, they were also very young, they only had ONE SENIOR on the team last year. They are gonna be a force to be reckoned with this year, with a year under Chuke and his offense, Copley's strength and conditioning, these boys are gonna HARD TO STOP.
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