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Default Paintsville 2005
Originally Posted by "Superman"
I hope your right, but the Tigers have lost more then one player from last years team and could possibly lose a few more (from what ive been told). I would love to see the tigers be a "force" like you were saying they will be, but realistically i just dont see it happening as of right now. The only way i'd predict that is when the season rolls around and the tigers defeat a good solid football team. If they blow out a team like Allen Central again, Im definitely not going to say their a powerhouse. I wish those boys the best of luck, i hope they have a good season, but im just trying to make the point that if they had a more open playbook they would definitely be more successful.
I don't think you will see much difference in the playbook, you MIGHT see Paintsville throw a little bit more, maybe 5 times a game, but I doubt it will be from the spread offense. You might see Paintsville mix it up alot more when it comes to what side they are running the ball, I don't think we will see them running to the right 95% of the time. Chuke don't have any Jason Micheal's or allen Short's to throw the ball, let's face it, Pugh is not a very good passer. You are right Superman, Paintsville has lost more than one player (for reasons we can't talk about), but to be honest they won't be missed. You are also right about them being dominant, they will have to beat a quality opponent before anyone is gonna believe, but I think they will beat Prestonsburg, IDK about the Apple Bowl with JC yet, never know about that game, they will beat Hazard, and don't know about the Pikeville game either, I know it will be much closer than last year.
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