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Originally Posted by Tiger Roar View Post
What's that old saying," The more things change, the more they stay the same." I.E. Billy the (AUTOMATIC OUT) Hamilton. So far this spring, this TURD has all of ZERO hits, and twice as many strikeouts to walks. The Reds keep saying they are rebuilding, but how do you rebuild with a guy who couldn't hit @ the JV level of high school? The Reds should have given Hamilton away to a good home this past off season, for FREE. His ship has sailed, but as we all know with Cincinnati sports it's ONLY about bobble heads, and fireworks nights. Just keep running out the same pile of crap year after year. Bottom line Billy Hamilton STINKS, and is no way, shape or form a part of this Reds re-build, WHO-DEY! F%^& Cincinnati sports!!!
But he's soooo fast Tiger Roar! No, you're right, the first thing the Reds need on an everyday basis is a competent leadoff hitter. Hard for Votto and company to produce too many runs without people on in front of them.
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