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Originally Posted by Granny Bear View Post
I don't know; this is my favorite conspiracy. As far as no "death bed confessions, authentic documentations, diaries, etc", are concerned; I can point to Jimmy Hoffa. No, he hasn't been dead as long as JFK, but half of Detroit has been dug up looking for his body and at the direction of those who are "in the know"; all to no avail.

Jackie Kennedy Onasis was firmly convinced that LBJ was ultimately responsible. The fact that Lady Bird's family was a huge stock holder in the Bell helicopters that were used in Viet Nam and JFK's role in trying to reduce and ultimately end that action lends some credibility to that theory, IMO.

Lots and lots of information there, and valid questions. I'm not saying that Oswald did or did not act alone but I like keeping an open mind.
I can't see the LBJ/Lady Bell Helicopter angle. LBJ was already wealthy. He wouldn't have been crazy enough to set up a plan for the assassination of JFK for that reason. And it would have taken quite a few other people's involvement in the conspiracy to pull it off. How could that many people keep a secret like that for 50 years? They couldn't and there's been no credible proof of LBJ's involvement. In addition, if he was going to do something as crazy as that he darn sure wouldn't have allowed it to have happened in his home state with himself in the parade possession.
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