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There is that possibility of us moving up to 2a. I don't know for sure how that will work though. First off, they will keep the 32 smallest schools in 1a. The last time they realigned they had us at either the 2nd or 3rd largest 1a team. Then I remember reading on one of the posts from someone on here last year that there were two 1a teams in the same county somewhere that were combining. That would mean they would be out of 1a. Therefore, we would only have 30 teams in 1a, which would mean that 2 2a teams would drop down. So that would have put us at either the 4th or 5th largest in 1a. I know our numbers have increased some, but I don't know if it will be enough to move us that much. It really doesn't matter to me, I believe we will be just as competitive in 2a, esp with what we have coming up. There are a lot of Cards fans that are chomping at the bit for us to get back into 2a. One of the main reasons is very simple, we wouldn't have to travel 3 hours every other year for a district game. We would be in the district with Caldwell Co, Murray and Ballard Memorial. Another good reason is that the young guys can't remember why us old farts just don't like Murray so much. If they become a district game again, they will reinvent that dislike. The last reason is, we owe Newport Cent Catholic one for the egg we laid against them in 2005.
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