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Default Playing Politics
You must have seen the parents' message posted on FB about being undecided and complaining about playing time(just like all the players on the team saw it)'s sad really, that the team can't enjoy their time at the Sweet 16 before people start playing politics for next year. Here's all I have to say about it (not really, but all I'll post)...
KCC made it to the state tournament because they played team ball and were a multifaceted squad. Some nights the guards and their shooting made them victorious, some nights it was all about the big girls down low. It wasn't one person. Last year, Leslie Co went to the Sweet 16....not because they had one superstar, but because they had multiple players who played team ball. Profitt has been to three schools in three years, and still hasn't made it to the big dance, Creech scored 50 points a game, but her team struggled to get out of their district, much less Region. My point, teams who have one scoring superstar win a few games, but rarely make it very far, because that's not what playing basketball is about. It doesn't do your team any good for you to score 20 points if you let the girl you are suppose to guard score doesn't do your team any good to shoot the ball everytime you touch it and never pass to an open doesn't do your team any good to publicly play this my kid is better than everyone else game, in fact, it just might make them all like to think KCC plays team ball, we're obviously more successful when everyone has unity and works for the team...that's the kind of players we need....loyal teammmates who support their team and each other win or lose...Patriots who want KCC to win no matter who's on the floor...let's celebrate our accomplishments and let the girls who have worked so hard for it, enjoy it!! Parents need to play their politics read these posts & FB just as much as the adults do....but their memory may well be much longer.
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