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Default Rule #3 Violation Warning to all BGR members
Just to be clear, and take this a fair warning to all of us who post on this site, should a Student's name be posted on this site for any disparaging remarks or illegal acuasations, whether they have been publicly found guilty or not will NOT be tolerated. There will be no mercy given, you will be removed from the site permanently. This is a clear rule that we all agreed to when we signed up for this site. The age of the student DOES NOT MATTER!!!! If they are playing on a high school team, any mention of an arrest, criminal activity, court proceedings are rule violations.

Rule 3: Racist, homophobic, or sexist comments will not be tolerated. You are free to express your opinion on any issue with the exception of derogatory or inappropriate comments. Making false claims will result in Suspension. Attempts to discuss criminal behavior of student-athletes is not permitted in the high school forums. Responsible discussion of adult criminal behavior is permitted. Obey all applicable country, state, and federal laws when using this site. Any illegal activity will be handed over to the appropriate authorities which could result in you being criminally prosecuted.
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