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Originally Posted by jetpilot View Post
WHAT EVIDENCE? Lots of work there and still no evidence. Are you kin to Adam Schiff?
I just posted it in the quoted material you replied to. Read it.

Why do you think Trump, Pence, DNI, CIA, FBI, Attorney General, CyberCommand General, both republican and democratic members of congress, including the members of the permanent select committee on intelligence
Devin Nunes, California, Chair
Mike Conaway, Texas
Peter King, New York
Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
Rick Crawford, Arkansas
Trey Gowdy, South Carolina
Tom Rooney, Florida
Will Hurd, Texas
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida
Mike Turner, Ohio
Brad Wenstrup, Ohio
Chris Stewart, Utah
Elise Stefanik, New York
Adam Schiff, California, Ranking Member
Jim Himes, Connecticut
Terri Sewell, Alabama
André Carson, Indiana
Jackie Speier, California
Mike Quigley, Illinois
Eric Swalwell, California
Joaquin Castro, Texas
Denny Heck, Washington,

And every reputable cyber security organization in the nation.

Why? Why do they all agree on this after seeing the intelligence, and evidence?

I've shown you compelling evidence, and you've shown me nothing to refute it. You my friend are what we call a cynic. Not a skeptic.

A skeptic is someone who refuses to believe something without any evidence.
A cynic continues to not believe, after being presented the evidence.

You are in a such a small minority of this nation. I'm grateful for that.

So lets put you on record....

Do you believe that Russians attempted to interfere with the election?
Do you believe they hacked the DNC?
Do you believe they colluded with Trump?

My answers are: yes, yes, and no.
I am in agreement with: Trump himself, Pence, McMaster, the CIA, the FBI, the DNI, the DIA, Cyber Command General, Congress, and Cyber Security Experts.

You.... agree with Putin. Not even the president that you are *attempting* to defend agrees with you. Why is that?

Why did Trump sign the Russia Sanctions bill for attempting to interfere in the election? Its either one of two reasons... he is incredibly weak and scared... and signed it out of fear of public backlash, or he believes what he has said, and the entire team that surrounds him and that he appointed to those positions. I'll let you decide.
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