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Originally Posted by The Urban Sombrero View Post
It is interesting, and a bit sad actually, to watch the evangelicals being used as a plow by the tweeting don. If ever an example existed of a political leader pushing policies that line the pockets of his kind, we’re seeing it. Certainly, Donald Trump has more in common with those highlighted in the Paradise Papers than Nancy Pelosi does with a “welfare recepient.” If the equation of constituency is being drawn, equating those of the Trump set with those of the working poor, then the equater is not only wrong, but also espousing a kind of social Darwinism that doesn’t sit well with a proposed Christian framework.
Evangelicals, scientilogist, Satanist, even hipsters should be happy. They're all being provided opportunities to work.
Or is it that they don't want to work and there mad daddy Trump is making them?
Hopefully in trumps second term he will start slowly eliminating social programs one by one.
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