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Originally Posted by Demarcus ware View Post
So who was that that said they had to question what people know about high school football for picking Harlan County? Oh yeah that was Tight End wasn’t it where are you today, we need your vast knowledge about what happened

As to other NL fans, you had a good season, and soon the race to rebuild will be on between both teams. See ya next season

Now you got me questioning if you understand what you even read????? What I said was quote (you can look it up easy enough right on here it is under: Prognosticators
"I question what some of these people know about High School Football. Someone predicted Lincoln County would beat North Laurel 28-21 too"! Just want to be remembered correctly here!! =)

And, my vast knowledge hasn't changed about North Laurel, I still happen to think NL is a GREAT team, and the score says they were good enough to beat Harlan. Had things gone according to plan which they seldom do in high school football could have been a different ending. Then you throw emotions into the mix and things can and do go array & they did. I will say you live by going up the gut you die by it and NL did! NL QB only threw one pass all night long. The Harland QB as far as I am concerned broke NL's back. The kid is a wizard you could not tell where the ball was in the stands, he kept the fans fooled which is hard to do sometimes. Still love those Senior Jags & we have enjoyed the heck out of following them for the past six years. We will be back in the stands next season a bit at NL and at Whitely Co. Continued good luck to Harlan hope they are able to wrap up the whole thing. Til' next season. Chill gang and enjoy the ride it ends sometimes way too soon!
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