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Pulp Fiction is just really nicePulp Fiction is just really nicePulp Fiction is just really nicePulp Fiction is just really nice
Default Your Professional Wrestling Football Team
There have been and are some great athletes in pro wrestling.

So let's play a little game, using different wrestlers for each position.... who would be your starting Offense (11) and Defense (11) only using pro wrestlers. They can be from any promotion and from any time frame.

OL - Andre the Giant (Early 80's)
OL - The Giant (Late 90's WCW)
OL - Vader (Mid 90's WCW)
OL - King Mable (During his KOTR Reign)
OL - Lex Luger (Early 90's WWF)
RB - John Cena (Mid 00's)
FB - The Ultimate Warrior (Early 90's)
WR - Randy Orton (Current)
WR - The Undertaker (Mid 90's)
TE - Sid Justice (1992)
QB - Mr. Perfect (Early 90's)

DL - Brock Lesnar (Current)
DL - Ron Simmons (90's WCW)
DL - Bill Goldberg (During his Streak)
DL - Braun Strowman (Current)
LB - Stone Cold Steve Austin (Late 90's)
LB - The Rock (Early 00's)
LB - Randy Savage (1980's)
DB - Shawn Micheals (Mid 90's)
DB - Sting (Surfer)
DB - Seth Rollins (Current)
DB - Rob Van Dam (ECW)

This would be the SuperBowl LII Champions!!!!

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