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Originally Posted by RunItUpTheGut View Post
I dont have a facebook and never will have one.
Its a complete waste of time and if people want to know when i wipe my *** i dont want to be friends with them anyways.
I never thought older people would get into social media site such as facebook, myspace, and twitter, but it has.Its just a way for people to be nosey and gossip. I think its good for kids, but causes way to many problems to often as well as fights, rumors and all other kinds of stuff.

It will die out eventually as all things do. Hopefully sooner than later.
lol man, you sound like my grandpa. He says the internet is nothing but evil and is going to end the world. haha.

You and your friends dictate whether or not your FB is a rumor mill, or normal, like mine. Main reason I use it is to keep up with friends at different posts, from home, and family. Also, it's a great way to get laid believe it or not. Facebook is a better dating site than any of those with their own stupid commercials, haha. Most girls have a shitload of pics, so when you pick one, you can check them out to make sure they fit the standard. Then, you can figure out what kind of person they are within 5 minutes. Females are curious as ****, so if you can smoothtalk, which is way too easy, they'll end up straddling you after your first date.

Out of all the chicks I've met, or "caught up with" again on Facebook, only one has not been what I thought she was, and that was in looks...and, it wasn't FB, it was Myspace. I swear to God, her pictures tricked me. I got the **** out of there.

But the point is, Facebook can bring lots and lots of pleasure. Just need to know how to utilize it correctly.
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