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NEWARKCATHOLICFAN is on a distinguished road
1-Texas Hills-Ralph Compton
2-Sacred Evil- Heather Graham
3-Ride Away-Cotton Smith
4-Dark Trail To Dodge-Cotton Smith
5-Buried In The Country-Carola Dunn
6-Return To Red River-Johnny D. Bogg
7-The Evil Inside-Heather Graham
8-The Gunsmith:#295 Kira's Bounty-J.R.Roberts
9-I've Got You Under My Skin-Mary Higgins Clark
10-Heather Graham-The Unseen
11- Ralph Compton-Brother's Keeper
12-Lisa Gardner- The third victim
13-Heather Graham- The Unholy
14-Stony Man 4-Don Pendleton
15-J.R.Roberts-The Gunsmith #372: The Missing Patriarch
16-J.R.Roberts-The Gunsmith # 313-Wildfire
17-Heather Graham-The Unspoken
18-J.R.Roberts- The Gunsmith #1 Macklin's Women
19-J.R.ROBERTS-The Gunsmith #306 One Man's Law
20-Heather Graham-The Uninvited
21-Robert B. Parker-Revelation
22-Don Bendell-The Indian Ring
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