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Originally Posted by Granny Bear View Post
The only thing cursing Harlan County was the official crew.
HA!! I would love the opportunity to watch the film with you. I had a copy mailed to me from the hometown tv station so I could go back and watch after all the whining. Every penalty that was called was 100% legit and the big eye in the sky doesn't lie. I mean the calls were so blatently obvious that ray charles dropped a flag out of his pocket. The worse part about it is were the 9 false start or illegal motions by the back that were not called so if anything Harlan was very very fortunate with the officiating.

Just to proove the point if the HC can make it farther down the road to some bigger officating crews that are down for buisiniess in the playoffs HC would be begging for the crew on log mounatin because the holds and falst start penalites will not compare.

I was kinda hoping that the excuse mentality would fade with the new harlan school but I guess when most of the people on here are from cawood, cumberland, or everts it will be a hard habbit to break.
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