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Originally Posted by bucslover68 View Post
This yearĒs king of the mountain? Who knows and who really cares...No one won a championship so IMO if you donít have a crown, you canít be King...Belfry is the overall King of the Mountains until someone comes close to the run they have been on which probably wonít happen in my lifetime.
First off, I agree with you, belfry had a good run for a MOUNTAIN team. But I donít get how you can say ďwho really cares?Ē And then name belfry??! If youíre going with no one had a crown then no team, then belfry isnít king either because they donít even have a regional crown. We also arenít talking about who is the best team of the decade, itís THIS year so past years doesnít really matter. But if weíre just gonna throw everything into play, then I donít know why you wonít see a run like that again, trinity, mayfield, beechwood all have had runs like that. You might not see belfry do it again? You also might. I know you were talking about a mountain team doing it, but you also know they were talking about THIS year. But since youíre gonna claim no one cares and it doesnít matter then claim belfry, Iím gonna have to say youíre wrong. While what theyíve done in the past is a truly awesome feat, this year wasnít. So this year the king of the mountain would have to be Corbin. Who went further or had a better season this year?
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