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Biden's failed foreign policy
(03-01-2022, 07:50 AM)Hoot Gibson Wrote: This is the closest that the U.S. has been to nuclear war during my lifetime but most Americans seem oblivious to the threat. We have a barely functioning administration in office and politicians from both parties seem more interested in scoring cheap political points than dealing with the most serious threat to our national security in decades.

The Russian economy is collapsing and its 70-year old dictator/president is reportedly suffering from cancer. Putin also believes that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a tragedy, so his threats of unleashing a nuclear attack should be taken seriously. Russia possesses has more than 1,400 nuclear warheads installed on over 500 missiles, each capable of rendering an American city virtually uninhabitable. Also, consider that only a handful of nukes detonated at a high altitude over or near this country's borders could potentially destroy our power grid, which would then be heavily dependent on China for replacement parts.

Consider this fact - both Sweden and Switzerland maintained their neutrality throughout WW I and WW II and both have decided to abandon their neutrality and provide military support to Ukraine. So, as much as you may want to shrug off the current situation as nothing but politics, their is a growing body of evidence that this country and world are teetering on the cusp of another world war that would end life as we know it. 
^I apologize for the poor grammar in my previous post. Vector could almost have done as well.  Blush
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