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Old 11-01-2019, 02:46 PM
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Default For a Second lets share some love to all
For just a second lets agree on one thing. No its not who's gonna succeed or fail this year. Its not who has the best coaching staff. Its not who has the greatest fans or the best game night environments to play in. You know the ones. Those gym's that you go into that are as inconic as mountain basektball in the state of Kentucky.

Its this. Lets all agree that we are merely 31 nights away from the greatest time of the year. The cold nights driving to the games. The games that make you say " Oh my sweet baby jesus" and the games that make you say " well that was 32 minutes I can never get back"

Lets all agree that driving the back roads from Mt. Sterling to Powell, to Ashland, to Fleming and Lewis, to Paintsville, Clay, Middlesboro, London. Man I sware the greatest memories I have in life next to my children are those nights. Those nights getting dressed out at old Deming Highschool. Or playing at MC Napier. Those cold *** nights going to Jackson and afterwords getting 5 bucs at McDonalds - and yes actually getting a big mac meal for that price.

basketball throughout eastern Kentucky and the 10th Region is the greatest time of the year. And my favorite of all the gyms to play in. Bracken County. At that time they were a great team and great fans. And I can't forget about playing the likes of Daren Feldhouse in Mason or Chuck Redwine at Paris. The countless great talents at Bourbon, Harrison and Nicholas Co.

Simply put lets enjoy this season. Looks like some great memories and cold nights are a coming to the mountains this year. Should be most excellent.

So how about it boys. Tell me your greatest memories. Lets share a little without pissing eachother off. Lets have some laughs and a coke and a smile together.
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