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Default Beechwood Vs. Newport - Predictions and Thoughts
This is a very intriguing game. The one common opponent, Campbell County, put a whipping on Newport early in the year. Beechwood won a very close game against Campbell County.

I'm taking Beechwood by 9. 65-56. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Newport win, especially if they can control the glass and close out on Beechwood's shooters.
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I find this game intriguing as well. It should be a good one.
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I hesitate to compare scores; itís all about matchupís right? But the teams have had six common opponents. I was surprised by the Beechwood win over Campbell Co. (at Beechwood), not so much by Newportís loss at Alexandria. Each won the other five.

Iíve followed Newport a little this year and what I know of Beechwood, Iím getting from those who do the same. Advantage Newport: Fast, physical and inside game. Advantage Beechwood: Perimeter shooting and depth.

Newport canít just attempt to shut down Scotty Draud; Beechwood has four others who can comfortably score in double figures. Newportís Tahj Harding is a beast, but Miller and McGuire can fill it up too. Newport, I think, is a better version of the Cincinnati Aiken team Beechwood lost to a few weeks ago. Interested in what these two can bring to the table to make a run at Cooper and Cov Cath in March.

Tough first round tournament draw. Someone will be without a game for over a week. Beechwood wins a close one in the 60s at ďThe Den.Ē

Good story on Newport team:

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Westside (01-14-2019)

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