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Old 11-02-2009, 06:27 AM
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I don't know who you are referring to as that one player actually there were three that could have and should have went into those final games.
Correct me if I am wrong but if a player messes up a repeated amount of times should she not be taken out and someone else put in. Or at least thats what I thought but I guess they are aloud to mess up time and time again and thats alright. some of these other girls may have brought new light to the games and then again maybe they wouldn't have but at least the coach would have tried everything possible to win those tournament titles. I beleive it takes more than six to win agame it takes a whole team and that is something bl neesds to work on they need to work on a team relationship you could see it on the girls face they were not having fun out there and in the end that's what it is about. You could see tension between the girls and not alot of talking to eachother to be sucessful you must work as a team not as an individual. so unless bl can get it together and form a TEAM that actually works together we will see a repeat of this year happen next year. Yes bl comes out strong with guns a blazing but as the season progresses they become weak amongst eachother and the battle is not from the other teams but it is within the bl girls. so now that is my opinion and everybody is entitled to one
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Old 11-02-2009, 11:20 AM
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i am by no means trying to bash you or your opinion...i'm a huge BL volleyball fan and I'm just simply trying to understand what you meant. I was at both of those games, and at the majority of the games all season. There were not three people left sitting on the bench who got to play the whole 2nd half of the season that did not get into the rotation at some point in those two games. You can't say that some people didn't get a chance to play that should've when everyone that was familiar with that rotation got in the game at some point. Maybe some of them should've got to play more, or less, or whatever...maybe some substitutions should've been made that weren't, but the fact is that it's all in the past. I think the coach was just trying to let the players play through their mistakes, since that was the mind-set all year. I believe that she did everything she thought possible to try to win these games, and if you knew her personally then you would know she was heartbroken after both of these losses...
I totally agree with you when you say BL needs to work on being a team. You can see that there is tension at times, and that is not good for a strong team relationship. If they can continue to build a team relationship in the offseason and bring it back next year, since they return everybody, they will be VERY tought next season. Overall this year was great, but it would've been better to bring home the trophy. Congrats to BL for a great season.
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