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Old 08-08-2018, 06:13 PM
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Default NCAA Making Rule Changes
The biggest changes are these:

All players who get invited to the NBA Combine but go undrafted will have the option to return to their former school.

Elite prospects will now be allowed to have official relationships with agents. This applies to high schoolers and college athletes alike. USA Basketball, in conjunction with the NCAA, will be tasked with identifying which prospects in a given class are "elite." In regard to high school athletes, however, the rules will not go into effect until the NBA changes its current age-limit rule.

The NCAA is requiring all school presidents, chancellors and athletics staff members to contractually comply with any and all future investigations. This is the NCAA's way of trying to institute a de facto version of subpoena power, which it lacked previously.

School presidents and chancellors will now personally be held accountable by the NCAA for their athletic departments abiding by the rules.

The FBI's case into college basketball brought about mounds of documents of information. Previously, the NCAA did not allow for information and findings from outside investigations at established agencies to be used in its infractions process. Effective immediately, the NCAA and its Committee on Infractions can use information obtained in other probes as a means to an end for its own investigations. This will be implemented immediately by the NCAA with the schools currently caught up in the Department of Justice's case regarding multiple schools -- and alleged violations of multiple federal laws.

The recruiting calendar, as detailed here, is getting a major overhaul. In a first, college coaches will be allowed to attend the NBA Players Association Top 100 camp each June. Also, the first live period of July will be attendable for non-scholastic events.

Other changes include harsher punishments, such as postseason bans on programs that can last up to five years; potential lifetime show-causes for Level 1 violations from coaches; and suspensions for head coaches that can last more than a year.

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Cal had a great point today. Kid declares pro, goes undrafted and scholarship is gone. What does he do? Sit a year? Go to another team?
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