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Old 10-16-2018, 08:23 AM
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I predict recruiting. Lots of recruiting.
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Originally Posted by roundballer View Post
Three players in the front court over 6’5? Do you know the names of these giants, need to keep an eye out..Breathitt will without a doubt be a top team in the 14th, No team should underestimate them..they have talent and heart..deadly combination
I don’t have their names but was basing it on a conversation I had with a parent who has a son playing middle school basketball at Breathitt. He said after O’Hare transferred back from Estill when school started in August that gave them a front line of 6’5. Of course high school kids’ heights sometimes get “stretched” when listed on paper but the few times I saw them play last year they definitely had good size. The guy I talked to said they had the starters back from last year plus a key player back that sat out with an injury, and now add O’Hare, who was instrumental in helping Estill win their first regional tournament last year.

I don’t know any in-depth reports on their team but I do know is they have talent and they’ve got one of the best coaches in Kentucky leading them, and that means a lot too.
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Originally Posted by Lion king View Post
I don’t understand fatpatfans fascination with Cordia who rarely contends. Does he have extreme fear of the Lions or did someone steal his hubcaps at a Cordia Knott game way back when. 😫

lenny baby, ole fatpat suffered a big hubcap loss back in 93 while I made the trip to lotts creek. Footage showed the trickery involved in this fiasco. Brutha may steal my caps, but can't steal the Patriot spirit, wowza!

#telldennyfatpatsaidhello #theyhadagymin93 More mash taters please!!!
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