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Old 09-04-2008, 07:57 PM
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Default Girls Soccer: Pville - Pburg(tied)
Respectfully speaking:
Well, this match was certainly interesting from the position of the Paintsville people. There were some things done and calls made that I had to have explained to me... and most explanations were ones where the male official over-ruled calls made by the female official... (it's very hard to learn the game, when this is the situation... and it's even more confusing when the male ref was making calls from the wrong side of the field and in bad position. )This guy was a "real piece of work" and his fellow ref made comment after the final match that she was very frustrated at his skill level. You know... I guess I understand since he's never reffed @ the KHSAA high school level except for 3 weeks... but on the other hand, these games all mean something as far as standings are concerned and if the KHSAA is willing to put newbies out there representing the KHSAA... surely they wouldn't allow the newbie refs to be head refs? There has got to be some recourse for member schools to request review of games and/or request refs with more than a couple of weeks high school officiating experience. These two teams played to a tie, but when the game was finished, the officials made comment to the Paintsville girls team, that really they blew a call that influenced the outcome of the game... and went on to explain that Paintsville should have won. Well, I don't really know if that was the best thing to tell everyone considering there was another game to be played and these same officials were calling it as well.... I am proud that our girls never quit... but our gals need to tuffen up and speak up in instances where the speaking captain has the right to talk. it's certainly been a fun experience so far, but tonight was as frustrating an experience as I have encountered in attending sporting events @ PHS since 1961. Go Tigers!

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