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Default Gridiron Teams lost to History (1944-Present P-R )
Paducah Lincoln Hornets (1908-1965) – Lincoln began play in 1922 playing teams and their program continued into the mid-50s as part of the KHSAL. Like many, they joined the KHSAA after segregation ended. The Hornets began to see enrollment fall like most of the segregated black schools and from 1961-1964 the school only won 6 games. In 1965 Lincoln merged with Tilghman and the Hornets were no more. In all of the research, I have done on these KHSAL schools I believe Central may be the only one who are still around today.

Paint Lick Panthers (190?-1964) – Paint Lick like many small schools (Camp ****, Burgin, Mt. Vernon, etc) who appear on early lists played in 8 man football leagues due to their inability to compete in 11 man KHSAA play. In 1963 Paint Lick fielded is only varsity 11-man squad, they played 6 games and went 1-5. The following year they would consolidate into the new Garrard County High School.

Paris-Western Tigers (1900? -1963)- The school integrated with Paris High in 1963, however, their final grid 11 took to the field in 1961 going 3-4 in a seven-game slate. In 1960 a record of 3-3-1 was reported. It has been hard to find much on the Tigers outside of those two seasons.

Park City Bears (??-1974) – Originally known as Glasgow Junction until 1938, the Bears appear to have taken to the grid with decent success for the first time in 1971 going 6-4 and finishing 5th in a 15-team district. The team would remain on the winning side of the column in 1972 (6-5) and 1973 (5-3-1) but the opening of Barren County (Merger of Temple Hill and Austin-Tracy) in 1973 appears to have had an impact on enrollment, students from Park City and Hiseville could elect to stay at their old schools or go to the new school. After the 1974 season Park City no longer fielded a team and it appears may have absorbed into Barren County shortly after that.

Providence Bulldogs (-2007) – The Bulldogs played varsity football from 1916-1963, they discontinued the program after the 1963 season. I can’t find much about the school’s history, but the football program history has been preserved somewhat. The team was a perennial bottom dweller in the Western Kentucky Conference. An interesting note is that until 1941 Providence played with a 90-yard field, requiring teams to borrow and payback territory near the goal line. The school stopping playing football in 64 but continued as a secondary school until 2007 when it merged into Webster County.

Princeton Tigers (???)- Princeton High also known as Princeton Butler at points in their history started playing football in 1914, at that time anyone could play on the team as eligibility rules were established at the time, so grown men could suit up with the high school boys if they wanted. Their last team would take to the field in 1953, their record that year was 6-3-0 allowing only 54 points. The school consolidated into Caldwell County sometime in the mid to late 50s.

Reidland Greyhounds (1916-2012) – Though the school opened in 1916 they did not field a varsity team until 1970. The Hounds would have their best season 30 years later, in the year 2000 Reidland won their only district title and lost in the regional championship to Glasgow. They were 6-4 in the regular season that year, they would win 6 or more regular-season games only 4 other times in school history ‘71 (6-2-1), ’75 (7-3), ’81 (6-4), ’87 (7-3). In 1970 their official record was 8-0 but they only played 3 varsity teams. In 2012 Reidland would fold into McCracken County High.
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