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Default 15th region history 1968-2020
On February 17,1973 Roger Pigg from Millard High scored 55 points in the McDowell gym. March 1968 at the Prestonsburg Region Jack Pack from Wayland scored 43 in his teams win over Johns Creek. Eugene Lyons had 27 points. Coach Lyons would have scored this as a sophmore. Keith Leslie Prestonsburg on Feburary 22, 1970 scored 54 points and 26 rebounds for his team. 1973 semi finals at Johnson Central. Scores show McDowell 83 Pikeville 81. Sheldon Clark 79 Elkhorn City 77. Neil Turner had 29 points for McDowell and Mark Meyers 30 points for Pikeville. Rudy Hammonds 20 for Sheldon Clark and Jimmy Kerr 43 points led Elkhorn City. Jimmy led the state in scoring in 1973 with a average of 33 points a game. Jim Bob Micheal from Louisa High led the state in scoring with 30 points a game in 1974. Danny Moses a high school all american for Williamson,Wva. scored 33 points and grabbed 10 rebounds for Pikeville College on Dec. 22,1974. A regular season game on January 7, 1978 shows McDowell 80 Virgie 78. Steve Newsome scored 37 for McDowell. Robert Newsome had 25 and Stonie Newsome had 19 points. As a fan would have like to watched this game. On February 20,1987 Lonnie Rowe scored 19 in a Virgie home win. On February 20,2020 Cassidy Rowe scored 8 points in her teams home win.
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