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Default Dog Follows Ambulance,Waits Outside Hopital For 4 Months On Deceased Owner
SAO PAULO - A loyal dog has waited four months at a hospital entrance -- the last place he saw his owner, who was fatally stabbed.

The 59-year-old man was stabbed during an altercation with another homeless person in October, according to O Globo.

The man’s dog, which does not have a name, followed the ambulance to Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital, where he has patiently waited since. The dog sits on a rug at the hospital entrance and has never walked inside. Sometimes he walks off in search of food. Hospital workers have also given him food and water.

“He's extremely tame, docile and quiet," Osvaldo Palota Sobrinho, a hospital administrator, told O Globo.

Lawyer Cristine Sardella saw the dog and shared his story on social media two weeks ago, bringing attention to the dog from a nearby kennel, according to O Globo.

The kennel took in the dog and was going to place it with a family, when it escaped and appeared at the hospital entrance, nearly two miles away.

The dog, which has been checked out by a veterinarian, continues to stare inside the hospital, giving the impression that he is waiting for his owner.

"It's sad to know that he will never see his owner again and will not understand what happened," Sardella said. "The only thing left is to wait at the last place where he saw him."

A worker at the hospital plans to adopt the dog, when the dog is ready, according to The Dodo.

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