Rate This Thread - Knott vs Letcher 53rd District Championship 2019 5-20-19.

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Old 05-20-2019, 12:12 PM
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Default Knott vs Letcher 53rd District Championship 2019 5-20-19
Bolz CT and Magz called said big guy itz bout to get realz! Ole Fatpat said lil fellows it be a hot tater day with temps reaching boiling tater weather and no dome to keep the shade off a big man! They said baby wez got the freon loaded up and radio to listen to the game bruh! Wowza! Sandblaster is pumped like a mutha and told CT got two words for you wide freaking open! Pats by 4! Wowza! #bopoorderingmoretrophyshelves #acandfreoniswaytogo #letchywontknowwhathitem #maygodhavemercyonourenemiesforweshallnot More mash taters please!!!
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Spectated this game as to watch Franklin and Meade, two UPike commits. Meade, however, did not start which was unusual but perhaps the coaching strategy was successful as Letcher defeated Knott. I was impressed with Meade as she is a very nice hitter and didn't get to observe Franklin at the plate. I must say in all the games I've attended over the years in the 13th and the 14th region, she was intentionally walked every plate appearance. Letcher's coach did the same thing to the cleanup for Knott twice to my recollection. Knott's ace was pulled early and things went south in a hurry. Both teams showed decent composure until the last inning as Knott was bewildered. Spectacular environment though and it was the second time I've seen the new KHSAA rule come into play with a parent being ejected this season. I was utterly impressed with Meade and Letcher's composure at the plate as well as Knott's ace pitcher who nearly cleared the Letcher school. Great game and pity someone had to lose. Good luck to both in the regional.
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