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Default Throwback Thursday 13th 94-95 season
Janet Jones of Knox Central scored 28 points on 12-29-94.
Kristy Hacker Red Bird scored 24 points on 12-8-94.
Shey Lunsford Jackson County scored 26 points on 12-15-94.
Shey was a special player for this small county who had a great career at Western Kentucky and 3 seasons in the WNBA.
Angie Sandlin a talented sophmore for Clay County scored 17 points on 12-15-94. Her team played district rival against Shey and Jackson County.
Amy Robinson Rockcastle County scored 14 points on 12-29-94.
Lisa Petrey sophmore scored 21 points on 1-5-95 for Corbin.
Evarts 1-12-95 this was special team at this small school down in Harlan County. Tara Bailey a 10th grader scored 14 points. Shannon Browning a talented left handed senior scored 18 points. Sarah Berry scored 15 points as a 8th grader. I watched Sarah play in a All A region at the Evarts gym in 98-99 season.
Carla Kersey Williamsburg scored 14 points on 1-19-95. Coach Ray Martin deserves great credit for the 15 seasons he coached at this school.
Melissa Brandon from Oneida Baptist scored 37 points on 2-23-95. One game i watched her play she was asked to bring the ball down against 2-3 defenders. Also asked to scored 30 a game with a chance for her team to win.
She was a special player in the 13th.
Patricia Kron scored 18 points in first round region game in leading her Cawood team on 3-9-95.
As a fan i hope we have a season for girls basketball.
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