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Old 05-13-2018, 07:59 PM
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Default Oklahoma City Thunder/Westbrook
There are some rumblings that OKC might be looking at trading Westbrook?

Good move or bad move?

Personally, I think that it is EXTREMELY risky unless they know for certain that:

1.) Paul George won't resign


2.) the feeling is that Carmelo Anthony is going to opt-in for the next year of his contract (despite all of the public pressure that they appear to be placing on him to do otherwise... i.e., insinuations that he'd be asked to come off the bench, etc.).

IF AND ONLY IF the top two are true, then I could see them beginning to look at trading Westbrook (i.e., putting it out there that they are shopping him and will listen to reasonable offers) IF their plan is to blow everything up and/or tank while looking at a complete rebuild in the future.

Even then, the above scenario obviously carries some risk, namely, that a small market team like them would be able to continue to generate the kind of revenue they need without a superstar like Westbrook (while also having to deal with the wrath of a fan base who would have likely completely villainized Carmelo).
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Old 05-15-2019, 12:41 PM
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I think Westbrook must to leave OKC and it will be better for both sides. It's like Messi in Barcelona and this is not good for the team.
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