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Default Ad Infinitum
From what is the origin of man and the universe? Science says the natural universe and what ever life exists therein, was a spontaneous event stretched over an impossibly long span of time. Creation says God spoke the universe into existence, along with all life forms except one. That being man, whom God formed with His own hands out of the clay, and then breathed His own breath into man's nostrils to give him the gift of life.

Science, since the days of the 'Age of Reason' which began in the early 17th Century, has labored furiously to explain man's presence in the universe. And I for one am fascinated with the work product of all the scientific brouhaha.

The Lord says it was He Who hung the stars, and keeps order in the universe. Men do an end run around all that, and instead turn to science in their quest to fully understand the workings of the universe. Science suggests that the universe is a self perpetuating engine, and the workings of the stars are both the beginning of matter (and therefore of life itself), and the end of all things in that they are the recyclers of energy and matter. Sort of like the circle of life. Hence the stuff of our bodies was once a star. Enter the unsolvable dilemma of Black Holes, the universe recyclers.

Here is where science stands on the matter as of today. There are two sets of physical law. The first is general relativity as in Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the structure of which, serves to govern so-called 'big physics' as would occur in the 'event horizon' of a Black Hole for example. The other is quantum mechanics, the structure of which, serves to govern 'small physics,' as would apply to the 'singularity' of a Black Hole.

Scientific machinations have carried us to the point where the only explanation for the spontaneous generation of the universe, would involve the existence of Black Holes in space. For a Black Hole to make any scientific sense however, there has to be something at it's center called a singularity. And it is here that the math all breaks down because the laws that govern quantum mechanics or small physics, collide with general relativity in the most negative fashion.

This collision is what astrophysicists refer to as the information paradox. Though there is no matter associated with the existence of a Black Hole, a Black Hole is nonetheless the remnant of a collapsed star. A star begins to die when it's fuel is spent. That is when the star's gravity becomes greater than the output of energy exerted by the fusion process and the star begins to collapse in on itself. This collapse cascades exponentially until the matter that was once the star, reaches total density. At this point the star becomes so impossibly small, that it essentially occupies zero space. It has no size in other words, and all matter is reduced to infinity. Nothing.

At such time the Black Hole is formed in space creating a vast region from which, owing to incredibly intense forces of gravity, nothing, not even light can escape. The Black Hole then proceeds to gobble up debris and anything else that it can influence with it's enormous gravitational pull. Just outside this region is something scientists call the event horizon. It is the boundary which creates the Black Hole's perfect barrier. Thus any matter having entered the black hole is doomed never to escape.

The problem? The laws of general relativity do not allow for, or explain infinitely small structures such as singularities. Meanwhile, quantum mechanics cannot exist without something called 'matter information,' for lack of a better term. Matter information simply HAS to be maintained according to established physical law. So where does this information, or real matter go if it cannot escape the event horizon? Science can't answer the question.

When material is sucked into a Black Hole, though it can never escape again, there is nonetheless according to science, the loss of thermal radiation. Let me explain what I am trying to say as follows; All matter carries with it what astrophysics refers to as the afore mentioned information. The information for example, which is carried by our body is referred to as DNA. And it is this information which identifies our individual characteristics, it is this information that determines the characteristics of all matter, which all matter exhibits. When matter is drawn into a Black Hole however, what happens to this information is the problem.

The thermal radiation which escapes the black hole cannot carry with it any part of matter, or information. So, and this is where the science breaks down, the only explanation for singularities and this loss of information involves a form of infinity. This is the only way to complete the math so to speak. But as things presently stand in the scientific world, the quantum math and relative math don't jibe. Matter can't just go away unless one could uncreate matter. Attain infinity. Which or course, physics cannot account for. So, the big bang theory, and the existence of Black Holes cannot be scientifically proven, given what we know. On the contrary, their existence would in fact violate the laws of physics and thermodynamics. Hence the information paradox.

Now we come to what we do know. Science cannot explain the existence and the workings of this universe. End of story. They say there are Black Holes and singularities. The only problem is they cannot find one, and science cannot account for them either. Doctor D. James Kennedy, Ken Ham and others, released a teaching series decades ago entitled "Something From Nothing," in which they systematically took apart the ridiculous tenets of the Big Bang Theory. To me DR Kennedy was a visionary. (This series is still available in audio form on Amazon, and I highly recommend it) But where "Something From Nothing" was based mostly in the science of thermodynamics, the argument I present here is based mostly on the science of astrophysics. Everything that is, all matter in other words, did come from somewhere. Slap yourself and see if it hurts.

Conclusion, the hunt for infinity. God has declared that He is the Great, "I Am." Exodus 3:14 (KJV)
14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

There has never been a time when God did not exist, and there will never be a time when He does not exist. God just exists, Ad Infinitum. The Great... "I AM." Now, one may say God did not have this paradox between quantum mechanics and relativity in mind when He said simply, "I AM" ... I would argue that He did.

Isn't it interesting that man's quest for his own origin has brought him right back to the feet of the Almighty? That being the quest for infinity as defined by modern day science? In times past it occurred to me the only example of infinity existent in the physical realm is the vastness of space itself. Space is a void. Where does nothing start? And where does nothing end? Given, there is an impossible number of stars dotting the great void, possibly an impossible number of galaxies. Nonetheless, apart from themselves, these bodies inhabit a vast nothingness. No beginning and no end. Man's mind is limited to the finite however, and as such he often asks how is it possible that God has always been here? Everything has a starting point, right? No, from infinity past to infinity future, God has always existed. But the answer lies in the fact that God lives outside of time. In fact, I believe eternal life inevitably, is the absence of the constraints of time on us, as well. And I believe time was created by Him Whom created all things. A mere commodity if you will, a matrix in which the history of mankind will one day soon completely unfold.

In Him infinity, and thus the mysteries of the universe are found, and our existence explained. But I fully expect the machinations of science, though ingenious, to plod on in regard to our origin. Why? Man in no wise wants to admit God is his Creator, because if that is true then so is the dreaded judgment. And men dare not consider that outside of salvation, it's just too terrible a thing to contemplate. Nevertheless, though the Church continues to bring the Gospel message before men, men continue to reject the truth of the Gospel. Mark 6:11 (KJV)
11 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.

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