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Old 05-21-2014, 10:58 AM
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Default World Cup 2014 Deposit Bonus
Bettors getting ready for the FIFA World Cup 2014!

Sports world is getting ready for one of the most awaited event this year, the FIFA World Cup 2014.
And what could be a better start than having a huge bonus?

Bookmakers as we call it are prepping for this big event that will kick-off on June 12, 2014 (1700 UTC-3).
And SBOBET, one of Asia's world leading Asian Handicap Specialist, is firing up to help NEW bettors get on their way!

They are GIVING out 200 initial DEPOSIT BONUS which you can use of course to INCREASE your betting funds. That being said, you can now have ADDITIONAL CASH to bet on your favourite team.

Remember that SBOBET covers almost all of the possible sporting events.

This 200 bonus will surely keep you on the right track. You can now BET MORE AND EARN MORE, there is no need to worry about getting short when you needed the most.

SBOBET awards bonus to extend your betting experience and lets you enjoy more and emphasize that you are always welcome. If you are interested in online betting, why not TAKE ADVANTAGE of this SPECIAL BONUS?

Get Deposit BONUS for World Cup 2014 For more updates visit www.sbobet.com
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