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Old 10-13-2015, 11:34 AM
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Default The false doctrine of "The Rapture"
Why has such a new idea engulfed Christianity in the past 20 years? The Left Behind series has been about all that has benefited from this radical and heretical idea. John Darby was the 'inventor' of the Rapture doctrine in about 1827. Literally, before him, the thought of the rapture had almost never entered the minds of Christians. 1800 years of solid doctrine, up in smoke in a matter of 150 years.

Its sad to me. The publishers of the original Scofield reference bible, may be burning in **** at this moment for leading so many well intentioned Christians away from the truth.


With that said... I'll take questions for anyone interested in the traditional and most universally accepted view on the doctrines of eschatology.
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