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Old 02-02-2017, 09:47 AM
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Default The most 'Over' crowd chant for a Wrestler
Pro Wrestling is entertainment. Part of the entertainment is yelling at or for the Faces/Heels.

But some wrestlers either have a gimmick cheer that fans adopt or a certain arena/event can give talent a chant that lasts a lifetime.

For Example....
Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan - The Weasel chant
John Cena - "Let's Go Cena".... "Cena Sucks"
The Rock - "Rocky Sucks"
Kurt Angle - You Suck"
Stone Cold Steve Austin - "What?"
Ric Flair - "Woooooo"
Macho Man Randy Savage - "Oohhh Yeah!!!"
The ECW fan base - "E C W"

So what do you think... what is the most 'Over' crowd chant? Do you think of any I missed?

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