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Old 02-19-2017, 11:09 AM
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Default 2017 State Wrestling Tournament results
Final Team Standings
1 - Union County; 227.5
2 - St. Xavier; 191.0
3 - Johnson Central; 171.0
4 - Woodford County; 152.0
5 - Walton-Verona; 123.5
6 - Simon Kenton; 115.0
7 - John Hardin; 86.5
8 - Oldham County; 84.0
9 - Wayne County; 76.0
10 - Dixie Heights - 74.5

There were 93 teams competing for the Team State Title. There is no Class system like in football. Every team competes for only one team championship. The weight classes are also not Classed, everybody in a weight class competes for one championship.

Individual State Champions
106 lbs. - Zeke Escalera of Union County
113 lbs. - Cagen Wallace of Wayne County
120 lbs. - Brady Wells of Campbell County
126 lbs. - Ryan Moore of Walton-Verona
132 lbs. - Saul Ervin of Union County
138 lbs. - Bryce Sheffer of Union County
145 lbs. - Joey Roberts of Woodford County
152 lbs. - Zane Brown of Male
160 lbs. - Geordon Blanton of Johnson Central
170 lbs. - Casey Cornett of Simon Kenton
182 lbs. - Max Andreoni of Woodford County
195 lbs. - David Woods of Calloway County
220 lbs. - Bryan Pratt of Meade County
285 lbs. - Hunter Ruber of Walton-Verona

MOW - Casey Cornett of Simon Kenton.
Most Pins in the least amount of Time - Casey Cornett of Simon Kenton; 5 pins (5 wins needed for the state championship) in 10:40.
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RyanPerez (03-17-2017)
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