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Old 08-08-2017, 11:19 AM
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Default Backstage heat on Enzo Amore
That “nobody likes you” promo from Big Cass keeps sounding more and more like a shoot...

The stories of Enzo Amore having the dreaded backstage heat started with a story in mid-July edition of The Wrestling Observer (subscription required but recommended) detailing an incident where he was removed from a tour bus by Roman Reigns, who’s apparently assumed Undertaker’s role as locker room leader.

Word followed the reason the Big Dog acted on the roster’s behalf was Zo talking loudly on his cell phone about how much money he makes while generally speaking disrespectfully about the business.

The reports have been tacitly validated by WWE, too. Amore was a topic on the most recent Bring It To The Table, with John Bradshaw Layfield saying “the odds are completely against Enzo” making it long-term in the company with “the locker turned against” him.

A follow-up story from The Observer indicated management was trying to figure out what to do with the guy, since despite his having been, as JBL put it - “sprayed with human repellent” by the boys and girls in the back, he’s still very popular with fans.

Now, into that mix comes a new report from SI.com detailing “locker room antics” which have infuriated his co-workers. This includes “bringing a series of questionable guests” backstage who “broke locker room etiquette by filming and taking pictures of the wrestlers”. Justin Barrasso’s story also mentions Enzo being the subject of a tweet storm from a Buffalo area exotic dancer about his behavior in a club which, true or not, members of the WWE roster thought embarrassed the business and the company.

All this reported animosity with his Raw co-workers could mean a move to NXT is the better option of the choices laid out in the last Observer, since joining 205 Live would still mean travelling with the Monday night crew at least some of the time.

We’ll see what happens next, I suppose.

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Enzo would be a much better Heel than Cass..... sounds like his WWE run is over.
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