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Old 08-16-2017, 07:01 AM
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Default Sporting News Preseason Top 25
1. Arizona
2. Michigan State
3. Duke
4. Kentucky
5. Kansas
6. Louisville
7. Florida
8. Villanova
9. Wichita State
10. Minnesota
11. North Carolina
12. UCLA
13. Cincinnati
14. West Virginia
15. Southern Cal
16. Notre Dame
17. Butler
18. Xavier
19. Saint Mary’s
20. Gonzaga
21. Miami
22. Virginia Tech
23. Purdue
24. Northwestern
25. Seton Hall
Source: Sporting News
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With Bagley committed to Duke after reclassifying I assume their status will move to number 1.
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Guts yearly negative reviews

1. Arizona They will choke like they always do. Miller brothers will never win.

2. Michigan State Izzo won his one title almost 17 years ago and perpetually loses year after year but they love him for some reason. I don't think they even win the big 10

3. Duke Should be preseason number one with Bagley. K cant coach the one and dones though. Just like Cal, he will only win when he gets lucky enough to have a ridiculously talented player in a group of one and dones. He done it with Kyrie, Cal done it with Davis, etc. Im a firm believer that's the only way this works.

4. Kentucky meh. Im not sold. I don't think they'll even make the elite 8 this year. Don't waste your time.

5. Kansas Just like Izzo, Kansas continues to worship a coach that's won one title and will probably never win another. Theyre satisfied with Big 12 titles though and they'll do it again playing in that god awful conference.

6. Louisville Preseason number 2 in my book. The rejects somehow managed to come up with a better class than they would have without the hookers. Imagine that. I think they win the ACC over Duke and should be preseason number 2.

7. Florida Donovan isn't there anymore. Neither is anybody else we know. They could challenge UK though. If they want an SEC tournament title for once, they could do it this year. I think they lose 7 or 8 games in the regular season.

8. Villanova Hate mid major schools. Theyre impossible to predict. A player has to come out of nowhere to make them successful. They'll probably make a sweet 16.

9. Wichita State Nope. No reason for them to be at number 9. Maybe Marshalls wife threatened sporting news for this ranking.

10. Minnesota Little **** Pitino is not his daddy. But they could easily win the Big 10 this year. No real challengers other than Mich State.

11. North Carolina Rebuilding year. Got this ranking off name alone. If #11 is the amount of years they should have vacated from the record books, than I agree.

12. UCLA The younger Ball brothers suck. They also lost pretty much everyone. They'll win games because the entire western half of the country don't know how to play basketball. Did you know the last time a team east of the Mississippi won the title was 08 with Kansas? Before that? 95 with UCLA.
That wont change this year.

13. Cincinnati What? I guess when you don't have enough big names and there aren't that many good teams in a year you fill it with a city that needs uplifting when all they have is the bungles and reds.

14. West Virginia Belfry fans rejoice. This team could win the big12. Doesn't mean they will.

15. Southern Cal See my post above about west coast teams. Under no circumstance should USC be here. Id rather have the other USC in this spot.

16. Notre Dame I refuse to acknowledge a school who doesn't have the balls to get in a conference in football while reaping the rewards of one in basketball.

17. Butler Similar to Cincy, minus the bungles and reds part. However, your still in Indiana at the end of the day...

18. Xavier See my post on Cincy. This is exactly the same. No change needed.

19. Saint Mary’s Never heard of her. Actually I have, but there no sense in ranking them when they have 0 chance of winning a title. When will they quit ranking these teams who inevitably go 30-2 in the regular season then ultimately always lose out early in the tourney? Quit giving them attention and maybe they just go to NAIA

20. Gonzaga I hate Gonzaga. I couldn't even root for them over Carolina. They are THEE media darling, more specifically ESPN. I hate the attention they get as much I hated the ridiculous attention they use to give Boise St when the BCS was around. I would donate five dollars to help them move to the Canadian pro league so we didn't have to hear about them anymore.

21. Miami If theres still a Miami left after this hurricane, don't expect a trophy to be going back there with them. Not even an ACC runner up trophy. Maybe a miss congeniality

22. Virginia Tech Feel the same here as I do about Miami. They have no shot. Will undoubtedly get a 9 seed and lose in the first round.

23. Purdue Indianas last hope. With IU being irrelevant, theyre all Indiana has. Except Swanigan left. And they suck now.

24. Northwestern Just stop it. Your trying to fill in the holes. Northwestern would struggle with East british Columbia boys club.

25. Seton Hall I leave my prediction with this bunch. Whos never won anything at anything and got more votes than the next nobody who has won nothing. We need to stop doing top 25s and only do top 10s. The last 15 are always fillers anyways.
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