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Old 09-13-2017, 08:01 PM
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Senator Barbara Ann Mikulski (D) Maryland is much beloved by the uber left. She is also very unconcerned with the wording of the US Constitution as that may apply to any given subject relative to pending legislation, and is on the contrary, rather famously committed to running over any law she might encounter on her way toward legislating from the liberal/progressive view.

Guess who might be one of the fondest of her bosom buddies? Rod Rosenstein. The guy who took it upon himself to appoint a special counsel to investigate Russian collusion and/or Russian election interference. And that in spite of the fact that the world's top 17 intel agencies spent over a year investigating that very thing and came up with exactly nothing. Strangely enough as you may remember, it was James Comey himself who incredibly, gave himself a pass for his own illegal methods in taking it upon himself to catalyze an official investigation into any possible illegalities by the Trump Campaign. I don't bet, but I'd take odds on whether or not high ranking Dems had something to do with Comey's ridiculous maneuvering in this matter as well as others.

So, here we have Jeff Sessions, a Republican who evidently fooled absolutely everybody, in charge of a DOJ which, though the agency itself admits that corruption at the federal level is appalling, is stalling any indictments for those guilty of corruption anyway. And it was Sessions who put Rosenstein forward as Deputy AG after knowingly concealing his intent to recuse himself from any investigations, present or future, involving President Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaign. You just can't make this stuff up. Meanwhile those venerables of vacuum, Schumer and Pelosi, probably enjoy a good laugh and a toast at the expense of Sessions every happy hour. MR Trump is President, but it would seem Sessions was a very bad choice despite his glowing reputation.
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