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Default Record Fentanyl Bust Made After Suspectís Marriage Proposal Rejection
A romantic gesture turned into a domestic violence that call that ended in one Columbus manís arrest after police reportedly found 11lbs of fentanyl inside his home.

Alex Henize's girlfriend called her relatives early Tuesday morning, reportedly telling them he was holding her captive in their home. The relatives then called police. When police arrived, officers say they saw her holding her two-year-old daughter through a second story window. She relayed that she could not leave the apartment since Henize had a gun and threatened to shoot her.
Once defused, the victim told officer that Henize was upset with her since she rejected his marriage proposal Christmas Eve.

The victim granted officers permission to search the home to look for Henizeís gun. Inside, officers said they found three guns, $20,000 cash and five kilos of fentanyl. Prosecutors said the amount of the drug is enough to kill thousands in the central Ohio area.

Henize was charged with drug possession. Prosecutors told a judge Wednesday that he also endangered his daughter by keeping the drugs in the same home as her.

ďHe admitted he was cutting up the fentanyl after receiving it,Ē assistant Franklin County prosecutor Dan Staley said in court. ďHe was very careful in the way he did it because the family wouldnít be there. He admitted to cleaning up the kitchen with bleach, the same kitchen the two-year-old has access to.Ē

The judge set a $1.25 million bond in the case. Police put a rush on the lab results so the case an be presented to a grand jury next week.

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