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Default Dog Found Alive After Being Snatched By An Eagle
BROWMANSTOWN, Pa. - A dog in Pennsylvania has quite a story to tell after being snatched by an eagle and living to tell the tale.
The Newhard family says earlier this week their four dogs had gone outside to play in the yard. that's when one of the family members saw an eagle circling above. It swooped down, they say, snatching little Zoey, who is just 8 pounds and flying away. The family couldn't believe what they were seeing, "Never crossed my mind that that would ever happen," said Moica Newhard, Zoey's owner.

The family searched for their beloved dog, but the search turned up empty. They decided to put Zoey's picture up on Facebook, hoping to at least find her remains to bury her. Little did they know, four miles away, Christina Hartman found little Zoey. She took the dog, who she says was freezing and hardly moving, home giving her food and warming her up. Hartman says she knew Zoey had a family out there looking for her so she went online, "The second thing I see is Monica, and her graddaughter and Zoey." While Hartman didn't recognize the family, she knew the dog in the picture was Zoey, "I said to my friend Cindy, oh my god this is a miracle! There is a God!"

Today little Zoey has recovered and her family is thankful to have their fur baby back, "People are good," Newhard said, "there is good is this world." Zoey's family tells WFMZ they're now considering buying a special velcro vest that will protect their dogs from another eagle snatching.

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