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Arrow How to post a Youtube video
Press the youtube bbcode tag icon in the WYSIWYG posting interface. Once you press the icon it will ask you to give your video a name. Name it anything you like and press OK. It will then place blank tags with the name you gave the video embedded into the tags. It will look similar to the following.

Example - [youtube equals "somename"][/youtube]

Paste in the movie code between the brackets like so

[youtube equals "somename"]LrjXIV8pREI[/youtube]

The only difference is you will see a real = sign instead of the word "equals." If I post the real = sign it would execute the code and post the actual video.

Description - Copy and paste the end of the movie code from the YouTube URL in your browser inside the youtube tags. For example, you only need the code after the = sign. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrjXIV8pREI


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