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Windows 10 & Microsoft Edge
What do you think about the new Microsoft Edge browser in windows 10? Also what do you think about windows 10 overall?
Edge sucks. Windows 10 is pretty good, nothing mind blowing.
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Please come listen to the podcast and read some articles.
IMO Firefox is by far the best.
Edge is okay but I prefer Chrome, with Firefox being my second choice. Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge is compliant with HTML and JavaScript standards that Chrome and Firefox have followed for years. At home, I use Chrome almost exclusively. At work, I use IE 11 running in compatibility mode most of the time.

Microsoft made life difficult for web developers by refusing to comply with industry standards. Unfortunately, I still have to write code that is compatible with IE 5.5 at work and it is a pain. Microsoft's debugging and development tools for IE/Edge are also below par, compared to its competitors.
I am still using Chrome as my main browser, but the new versions of Firefox are also very good. Another, less well known browser that is also very good is Opera. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are all available on Windows 10 and Android. All three browsers are also available for Linux. (The Linux version of Chrome is named Chromium.)

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