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Zero Tolerance for BGR Members - Please Read
There are very simple rules to this site, and for most all members, they are adhered to with minimal issues. Yet following in the footsteps of other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc..., the rhetoric has shifted to the negative. It is on a daily basis that we are monitoring and correcting personal attacks or rude comments directed towards another member of this site.

This site has prided itself as a forum of free dialog that fits most topics of the day. Thus, in protecting those members who want to maintain a semblance of honest and open dialog regarding a topic, but not feel like they have to be subjected to cyber bullying, we are now giving no further warnings when one member say's something derogatory towards another member. I recognize that many of the members are friends, thus the playful jab at a buddy is meant to be playful, it will be misconstrued and will result in your IP address being banned from the site.

Please think before hitting post, don't allow yourself to lose privileges to this site.

Thank you,


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