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Kentucky Baseball 2018
Has anyone kept up with the team this year? I've watched pretty much every series since the Shriner's Classic in Houston early in the season and I have a few observations.

-Pitching has crippled this team all year, the bullpen is horrifically unreliable, Ramsey & Coleman seems to be the only relievers that aren't a huge liability. Shaenzer, Bringhurst, Marshall, Maley, and Haake have had dissapointing seaons.

-Kole Cottam and Luke Heyer are 2 of the best bats in the entire country, the hitting coach should be commended for his work, especially with these 2.

-Tristan Pompey is an amazing baseball player, all around stud.

-UK's team speed overall is atrocious, i've watched our guys get gunned by 2-3 steps attempting to steal on multiple occasions.

-I love Mingione as a person and coach and think he's still doing a good job, but the pitching coach has honestly hurt this team this season.

Anyone else watched along this year?
Go Cats!

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