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Wrestlers Doing Athletic Things
A 410 pound Mark Henry dunking a basketball.

Brock Lesnar in NFL Preseason games.

The Rock playing college football at Miami.

I don't want to use things that have been aired as part of a wrestling show because we don't know what may or may not be gimmicked, but this one is so good I'm going to make an exception. Mark Henry rips off a cage door that was actually shut. Someone on the ring crew didn't do their job and the door wasn't made to break away. You can tell by the action in the ring that something is amiss. But with a little effort, Henry rips into an actual cage door secured by a chain. Very mild NSFW language.

Bill Goldberg playing for the Atlanta Falcons.

Ron Simmons at Florida State University. For quite some time, only he and Deion Sanders had their jerseys retired in Tallahassee.

Alberto Del Rio in an MMA fight against Tito Ortiz

Braun Strowman crushing softballs

Those softballs "got those hands".
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You might have heard of her because she was the most recent winner of the women's royal rumble but Bianca Belair is a scary good athlete. She was a D1 athlete in her college days in track and she won a lot of things. She is ripped as hell which just goes to show that she is athleticallly gifted. However, some people are discrediting her but if you just look at the athletic marvels that she can do, it is amazing. Make sure you catch the video of her doing an obstacle course in a January episode of SmackDown because she legitimately carried a 300+ pound man with ease while doing an obstacle course. Amazing athlete and definitely deserves the recognition.
(05-17-2020, 05:48 AM)JokersWild24 Wrote: Braun Strowman crushing softballs

Those softballs "got those hands".
If I made Mark Henry mad, he could literally rip my head off. That would be terribly unfortunate for me but quite an athletic feat.

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