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Starting 5 man basketball roster of Professional Wrestlers
This would be my starting 5. Keep in mind, this is when these guys were in their prime.

C - Kevin Nash (Size & played college basketball @ Tennessee)
PF - The Undertaker (Size & played college basketball @ Texas Wesleyan)
PF - The Rock (Size & athleticism)
SF - Mr. Perfect (True athleticism)
PG - RVD (True athleticism)

Bench players
The Big Show
Sid Justice
Shawn Michaels
Andre the Giant
Big John Studd
Ricky Steamboat
Going to try to do it with guys who didn't play collegiate basketball:

PG - Brian Pillman, Bret Hart
SG - 2 Cold Scorpio, Dustin Rhodes
SF - Ron Simmons, Randy Savage, Sting
PF - Bam Bam Bigelow, Junkyard Dog, Tony Atlas
C - Vader, Terry Gordy

2 Cold Scorpio definitely has some bounce. Terry Gordy would be an immovable object. Ron Simmons athleticism speaks for itself. Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow have very nimble feet for such big guys and those moonsaults were always impressive from such big mean. JYD and Atlas have brawn but still moved well, they'd be tough on block outs and no one could fight through their screens. Savage would be the most intense defensive stopper ever. Pillman and Hart are polar opposites in terms of personality, but they'd both be the kind of guys that would be good leaders for the rest of the team and everyone else would play for them because of their intensity. Prime (or "Surfer") Sting was sneaky athletic, those Stinger splashes had some air under them and he'd usually have some other high flying spots where he dove onto someone on the outside and getting up never seemed to be a problem. Rhodes could be hit or miss. Could "The Natural" add some stroke if they needed a shooter? If not Rhodes, there'd be some ring technician like Bobby Eaton, Lance Storm, Dean Malenko, etc., who'd be your specialist shooter.
Wanted to bump this one, as it's pretty light-hearted and a really fun one that you can do a lot with. Watching Dynamite last night, I'd add Jake Hager to the list at PF or C. Two sport athlete at Oklahoma. He was a defensive lineman for the football squad before concentrating fully on wrestling (not to be confused with 'rasslin).

If you're going to go AEW: Jack Hager, Angelico, Scorpio Sky, Isiah Kassidy, Marq Quen, Brodie Lee or Luchasaurus, and Sammy Guevara or (as crazy as it may sound) Pac would be a pretty mean bunch in a pick-up game. Lots of speed, quickness, agility, and hops.
Undertaker and Big Show are by big men because they apparently have history playing the sport lol. Mr Perfect is the 2 because have you seen the videos of him shooting? LOL but honestly, his athleticism was insane and that needs to be noticed. There are a lot of people who will make this as well but Montez Ford at the 3 will be insane with this jumping power. I don't have a 1 yet but if women are allowed here, you can say that Kayden Carter from NXT is a good shoutout because she is a national champion overall and I've seen the highlights, she's actually pretty good.

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