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Estill County 2021
Lady Engineers and Coach West have a lot of players coming back and as always will have a stacked schedule that will have them ready for post season. Estill should be top 2 if not the favorite to win the 14th region.

Home: Bourbon County, Breathitt County, Lee County, Lloyd Memorial, Owsley County, Powell County, Rowan County, Southwestern, Tates Creek, Scott County, Rockcastle County.

Away: Bourbon County, Breathitt County, Lee County, Lincoln County, Owsley County, Perry County Central, Powell County, Rockcastle County.

Neutral: Knott County Central.

Tournaments: Powell County Invitational.

Triangles: @ Perry County Central (Estill, Knott, Perry), @ Estill County (Estill, Southwestern, Tates Creek)

Estill maybe also hosting a triangle with Lloyd Memorial not sure though.

Estill is about 3 games shy of having it's 2021 schedule finalized.
Lincoln County has been added for beginning of May. Road game for Estill.
March 22nd Owsley County 6 PM
March 23rd @ Fleming County 6:15 PM
March 25th Jackson County 6 PM
March 29th East Jessamine 6:30 PM
March 30th @ Garrard County 6:15 PM
March 31st Rockcastle County 6 PM

April 2nd Rowan County 6 PM
April 3rd @ Perry County Central Triangle (Estill, Perry, Knott)
April 5th @ Rockcastle County 6 PM
April 6th Somerset 6:30 PM
April 12th Powell County 5:30 PM
April 13th @ Lee County 6 PM
April 15th @ Jackson County 6 PM
April 16th Bourbon County 6 PM
April 19th Wolfe County 6 PM
April 20th @ Owsley County 6 PM
April 22nd @ George Rogers Clark 6 PM
April 26th @ Montgomery County 6 PM
April 27th @ Breathitt County 6 PM
April 29th @ Powell County 5:30 PM

May 3rd Garrard County 6:15 PM
May 4th @ Lincoln County 6:30 PM
May 5th Montgomery County 6 PM
May 6th @ East Jessamine 6:30 PM
May 10th Bryan Station 6 PM
May 11th Breathitt County 6 PM
May 13th Lee County 6 PM
May 14th Bourbon County 6 PM
May 15th Estill County Triangle (Estill, Tates Creek, Southwestern)
May 17th Scott County 6 PM
May 18th Lafayette 6 PM
May 19th Model 5:30 PM
May 21st Hazard 6:30 PM

Estill County has home and home with the following opponents: Bourbon County, Breathitt County, East Jessamine, Garrard County, Jackson County, Lee County, Montgomery County, Owsley County, Powell County, Rockcastle County.

Estill County is also hosting Lloyd Memorial with Date To Be Determined (Possibly a triangle).

Estill County is also participating in the Powell County Invitational Tournament.

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