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What are My Alert notifications?
My alerts are notifications that help you track events that happen here on our forum. They allow you to easily track your threads, posts, likes, reputation, and warnings received.  NOTE: we will be integrating this system with desktop and mobile notifications in the future. You will be able to elect to have push notification sent to your mobile phone or desktop browser.

The currently supported events that trigger an alert/notification:
  •     When you're quoted in a post
  •     When somebody replies to a thread you started
  •     When somebody adds you to their buddy list
  •     When somebody PMs you
  •     When somebody replies to a thread you are subscribed to
  •     When somebody tags you
  •     When somebody likes your posts
  •     When somebody awards you reputation points
  •     When you are issued a warning for violating our rules or polices.
 You can view or delete Alerts by clicking the on the "Alerts" button in the header of the theme your are using.

Click to enlarge photos to see examples.


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